Welcome! Here are quick answers to questions you might have about “Women’s Journey to Kenya”. Once you sign-up we will send you a complete WELCOME PACKAGE with many details for the journey ahead.

This trip seems so different! What is it exactly?

This is a very special “woman to woman” global adventure for the heart.

In our 16-day journey, we meet many Kenyan women from many walks of life - in the villages, tea fields, remote areas; women leaders shaping contemporary Kenya, touching the lives of thousands of kids, and winning landmark cases. You have exclusive access to these women and places because Linda Higdon, your tour host, has built these relationships over 15 years of working in Kenya.

What makes this travel different is that our focus is mostly on getting to know the women and having them get to know us, combined in a beautiful balance of luxury hotels and delicious food. Add to that a healthy dose of magnificent wildlife, safaris, artistry, music, and pure fun. It’s the full package!

We are not a donor trip, a mission trip, or international development trip.

Is Kenya safe?

Kenya is one of the most progressive and safe African countries. Linda designed this tour based on working in Kenya for 15 years and she knows where to go and not go so you can still have a truly authentic experience without compromising safety. Not only are Linda and Paul, her husband and business partner, always there for you if you need them, but you have the full attention and services every day of one of Kenya’s premier travel companies - Lindberg Holidays & Safaris. Their drivers are your personal guides each and every day.

What do we actually do each day?

Each day you leave your hotel after a hearty breakfast and travel for roughly 30 minutes in a Land Cruiser to that day’s outing when you engage and connect with the Kenyan women in heart-opening experiences. We get you back to 4-star comfort by dinner so you have the entire evening to yourself. To see the rich itinerary go to http://globalheartjourneys.net/womens-tour-of-kenya-itinerary/

What will the lodging be like?

You stay in luxury hotels. In Nairobi you stay at the beautiful Fairview Hotel, a historic British lodge, complete with 4 restaurants, swimming pool, gym, and tropical gardens. In central Kenya (where you will be for over a week), you’ll enjoy the 4-star Alba hotel replete with swimming pool, Western cuisine, and upscale amenities. For two nights, you will be staying at a luxury tented camp at Ashnil Resort at the Samburu Game Reserve and enjoy several safaris, pool, spa, safari buffets and magnificent wildlife!

If I am traveling by myself to Kenya, what can I expect?

Traveling to Kenya is far more “doable” and safer than most women imagine! Consider this scenario. Take a flight to Europe, rest for several hours, then take a flight of equal length to Nairobi. We will be waiting at the other end with huge smiles and open arms to welcome you to Kenya, then whisk you away to a beautiful historic British lodge with tropical gardens.

How many women are on the trip?

No more than 10. We keep the group size small so you can get the most from your time with the women and children and with each other.

What happens if I need time to myself?

We understand that. Some of us need more private time than others. We say, “Take care of yourself, first!” Our itinerary is very full and rich and you will know if you need to hit the reset button.

Is English spoken in Kenya?

Yes! English is the main language spoken in Kenya, along with Swahili the national language. Remember, Kenya was under British rule for 75 years. Most of the Kenyan women you meet will speak to you in English. However, when we are in remote settings and villages where only Swahili is spoken, we will provide translators.

What is the weather like?

July is winter in Kenya and the temperatures range between 50-60 F at night to mid-70’s F during the day. In February, their summer, temperatures can range between 70 - 90 F degrees. We spend a majority of our time in central Kenya where temperatures are always moderate.

What shots do I need?

Consult with your doctor or travel clinic. At the very best, you can expect to take a malaria pill.

How are the roads and transportation in Kenya?

In general, roads are paved and smooth. However, we are visiting several sites in remote rural settings where you can expect some bumps and dust which are held to a minimum by our Land Cruisers.

Do we go to places that require a lot of walking or trekking?

There is not a lot of walking on this tour. Women with physical limitations can do this tour with little difficulty. Know that we are always there for you, if you need a hand to hold for stability or any other physical challenges.

What about food?

You are staying in 4-star comfort so the cuisine is excellent. During the trip, you can choose from Italian, Indian, international cuisine, Sushi, Western casual and choices of traditional Kenyan food. On several days, the women in the villages prepare a traditional lunch for us - a memory you’ll carry for years.

Your tour package includes all breakfasts, about half of the lunches, safari buffets, and a closing dinner. All beverages and remaining dinners are your responsibility. We provide all bottled water while traveling. Dinners can range anywhere between 7USD to 25 USD on average. You can expect to pay less for dinner in our time in central Kenya.

Are single rooms available?

Yes. And if you’d like to share a room we can help identify a roommate.

Should I get travel insurance?

We recommend that you obtain travel insurance for canceled flights, transportation delays, lost baggage and emergency medical situations.

Can I extend my stay?

Absolutely! We can arrange extra nights at the Fairview before and after the trip. We are happy to connect you to Lindberg Travel if you want another outing or safari.

What should I pack?

Kenya is casual but reserved in dress code. Women generally wear dresses or nice pant slacks. We would advise not wearing shorts, except for your days on safari. Casual cotton and gauze pants or tops with light sweaters, a rain jacket, sun hats, shoes for dust, sandals are all fine. Also, bring several more dressy combinations for evening dinners and our closing dinner at the Fairview Hotel.

Can I meet the other travelers before leaving?

Yes! We host 2 pre-trip conference calls so you can meet your fellow travelers.

What is the process for payment?

We ask for a non-refundable $500 deposit to hold your space. The remaining balance will be invoiced and is due 60 days prior to departure. We welcome registrations less than 60 days before leaving. You can pay by credit card through Pay Pal or by check to Global Heart Journeys Inc at W4988 Robinson Drive, Elkhorn, Wisconsin 53121 USA

Where is the Pricing and the Payment, and Cancellation Policy?

Everything is on our website.
Cost and pricing can be found here.

Cancellation and Payment Policy is found here.